John Allison


Practicing Architecture for over 40 years, John has been involved with the creative aspects of architecture on a daily basis.  Form, light, composition, texture and color have served as his tools.


As a painter, he applies the same tools using mixed media (acrylics, oils, oil stick and graphite) to create purposefully ambiguous and complex layers of texture and color on canvas and wood panels. Cold wax and encaustic are other techniques he employs to further explore transparencies and contradictory directions.


Pursuing his interests in abstract expressionism as well as representational art, John received individualized instruction from encaustic artist, Lisa Pressman in West Orange, NJ (2017) and Eric Mantle, Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock (2010 to 2014). In addition to studies at UA Little Rock, John has participated in classes at the Arkansas Arts Center including drawing from Dominique Simmons and Robert Bean; and painting from  Endia Gomez.


“The figurative approach allows me to draw from landscape, dreams, and still life for inspiration.  My abstract work invites the viewer to participate, question, and find personal meaning within the piece”.