John Allison


Practicing architecture for over forty years, John has been involved with the creative aspects of design on a daily basis.  Form, light, composition, texture and color have served as his tools.


As a painter, he applies the same tools using mixed media (oils, cold wax, pigment stick and collage) to create purposefully ambiguous and complex layers of color and texture on both canvas and wood panels.


Drawn to Abstract Expressionism, John received individualized instruction from Eric Mantle, Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock from 2010 to 2014, and encaustic artist, Lisa Pressman in West Orange, NJ in 2017. Currently, John rents studio space from Sammy Peters, a nationally renowned abstract painter, who generously shares his knowledge and love of art with John.


In 2012, John was featured in a two-man show, “Creative Minds” with Cuban artist Guillermo Portieles.  In 2018, his painting, “Diptych – Bike Ride South” was accepted for inclusion in the 60th Annual Delta Exhibition.  Subsequently, it was purchased by Citizens Bank of Arkansas for their new headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. Another large piece by John, “Diptych - Pathway to Compassion” was selected for the 2020 62nd Annual Delta Exhibition.


“My work invites the viewer to participate, question, and find their own personal meaning within the piece.”