What We Do

Selling Art. Custom Framing. Fine Art Printing. Installation Services. 

That's what we do. 

That's the brief explanation. But, that just really scratches the surface. 

At M2 Gallery, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients. Each customer, each family, each corporation we work with has a story. We get to know those stories and, more importantly, we remember them. Once you decide to come to M2 Gallery, you will learn that we are a family. Literally, the managing owners Mac and Ashley Murphy have raised their two children in the gallery since birth. When we moved to SoMa in 2018, Maddox (then 12) and Phoenix (then 6) were there helping with demo and cleanup and everything. Maddox learned to ride a bike in M2 when we were in West Little Rock. Phoenix learned how to roller blade in M2 SoMa. If you come by after hours, there's a chance you'll see us playing hide and seek or tag on any given day.


John and Kim Magee, the other owners, as well as  Bryan Frazier, Michael Shaeffer and Candace Weekley are likewise all a part of the M2 family. When you come into the gallery, it's as if you are coming into our home. 


Whether you are a first-time art buyer or an experienced collector, we want to help you find the artwork that is perfect for you. Whether you are needing a simple poster framed, a priceless Picasso or an even more priceless drawing by your child, we want to create the perfect design for you. Whether you need a mirror hung at your house or you need art installed in an entire 200-unit facility, we want to help you. 

So, yes, what we do can be said simply, but customers of M2 know that what we actually do is so much more than just the services and goods we offer.

Come see us. Let us show you.