CJ Holmes


Everyone thinks in spurts of broken sentences and disorganized thoughts.  At least I hope I’m normal in that way!  And that’s how my paintings start. They’re all personal to me, built upon a phrase, a thought, or a scene impressed upon my mind’s eye. A skittering thought that amuses me will start a painting of an idea for one of my deconstructed or surreal figures. As I paint and choose how the figure displays the emotion, everything can change and I’ll go in a completely different direction. That’s why I love my medium of acrylic paint. It gives me the ability to paint over, change and layer. It’s a bit like life. Nothing is ever certain. 

I want to say that my hand or paintbrush is evident in whatever direction I’ve chosen to go. You will see my surreal, my deconstructed, my realistic (or as realistic as I will ever get).  They might be different but they portray my whole thought process.