Marcus McAllister


Marcus McAllister's work focuses on sublime, dreamlike fragments coupled with the state of the everyday occurrences of life. McAllister follows a systematic pattern of images externalizing his own thoughts and emotions. Images of people, of geometric patterns and of vegetation reflect upon themselves, hiding coyly in plain sight among decorative elements and create a « spatial lace » that complicates the reading of the image by opening its layers.

Marcus McAllister is a familiar face on the global art scene. Originally from Arkansas, McAllister now lives in Paris, France. He has shown his work around the world from Paris to New York and back to Baton Rouge. McAllister began an artistic journey after graduation that led him to many artistic endeavors that include an artist residency with the city of Beauvais and L’Ecume de jour and countless one man shows from the Parsons School of Design, Paris to M2 Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas.