Joshua Plumlee


Joshua Plumlee is an interior designer, business owner and artist. Joshua was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He still resides and works in Arkansas, which he loves for its natural beauty and for the melting pot of its population. 


I often initiate my process by sketching out a concept using representational imagery - the idea beginning with a portrait, or a figure study, a landscape, a string of handwritten text. Other times I begin with music and intuit from the sound itself a sort of interpretive visual imagery, each gesture born of impulse. Then I add to the stew - arranging and redacting, marking and inscribing, layer upon layer. Finally, the information on the page emerges as something altogether different from where I began - both obscured and unified into a new whole. 

While I trust my methodology, the results are often unforeseeable - each layer or gesture leading to new expressions. Hence my  eagerness to embrace the inevitability and validity of happy windfalls. 

This work requires me to commit to an exploration, a deep dive of personal emotions and internal impulses. It is in equal measures frenetic, exhilarating, impatient and therapeutic. 

This is the imperative, the reason I do what I do - it's a compulsory drive to feel and yearn, to strive and, hopefully, to create.