CC Mercer Watson


CC  Mercer Watson is an all-around Afro-Creative from Little Rock, AR. Mercer is a textile artist, actor, activist, poet, playwright, author, founder and creative director of Columbus Creative Arts + Activism, and lead designer and merchant of Mercer Textile Mercantile. Mercer is the recipient of grants from PEN America and the Dramatist Guild Foundation, which help her continue her charge as a storyteller and a keeper of the culture. She is a graduate of the Clinton School of Public Service (MPS).

Mercer's past credits include a number of plays, musicals, and performances in Arkansas, off-Broadway in New York, and internationally in Canterbury, England and Accra, Ghana. She fuses arts and activism by using theatre, poetry, and textiles to tell social justice narratives, through merchandising artifacts of the culture and storytelling, with an emphasis of uplifting voices of color and making marginalized populations visible.

A dedicated public servant, a woman of many creative talents, and the daughter of legendary late civil rights lawyer, Attorney Christopher C. Mercer, Jr., she honors the legacy of her father by using artistic mediums as a tool for empowerment, education, and social justice. From Little Rock, Arkansas to Accra, Ghana, Mercer has made an international impact as an artist and an activist. 

Most recently, she is the author of From Cotton to Silk: The Magic of Black Hair where she has combined her hand-stitched visual artistry with her amazing story-telling abilities.

A gem from The Natural State, Mercer is always looking for the next adventure that will unearth her poetic, textile, and dramatic magic. Activated by arts and activism… She knows, shows, and cares about what's going on in the hood.