Catherine Rodgers


Catherine Rodgers loves color.  And resin.  And Plexiglas.  Born and raised in Little Rock, she has been a full-time artist for over twenty years striving to create unexpectedhigh-quality artworks that bring joy and wonder to each observer.


She credits the veil paintings of Morris Louis and the color field paintings of Mark Rothko for much of her inspiration.  Pushing a paint brush around to create portraits was part of her early training and work but she prefers to let colorants and resin seek their own expression.  Examples of her techniques can be found in the Cascade Series, the Deconstruction Series and in her round Plexiglas installations.  


Experimenting with new mediums and problem solving are what bring her back to the studio virtually seven days a week.  She understands how color effects the human psyche and her collectors often describe her work as happy and energetic. 


Catherine’s artworks are held in hundreds of private and corporate collections nationwide.  She teaches internationally and has served as faculty at the Arkansas Arts Center since 2012 (now known as the Windgate Art School at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts and scheduled to reopen after major renovations in the Spring of 2023).  Additionally, she teaches small groups and private classes at her studio, Catherine Rodgers Contemporary Art and her artworks have been shown in numerous exhibitions including the 55th Annual Delta Exhibition.