Amber Weinzimer

Amber Weinzimer is a native Arkansan who has recently returned to the US after having spent almost 20 years living in Asia and the Middle East. Amber explores the relationships between our personal energy fields and the energies that surround us through mindful, meditative works. She draws inspiration from nature and energies that surround us, interpreting the natural living world through the use of subtle layers and fluid forms. Amber’s is represented by M2 Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Energy Series

The Energy Series began in 2021 as an exploration into quiet and becoming aware of the connectedness of ourselves to the larger Universe. I am interested in the psychological state of “flow” as it represents a melding of actions and consciousness that are instantaneous. This results in imagery that is loose and watery focusing on expansion and growth. 

 I created my first pieces using watercolors on paper and subsequently painted the larger pieces applying acrylic on canvas.  Focusing on the law of attraction, the lower segment represents ourselves expanding and the upper segment represents the energy that we are attracting. It is in this magnetic expansion that momentum is created allowing the way for our highest possibilities to come through.  I would like for this work to inspire others to embrace the flow within themselves and the vast potential that it brings.