Amber Weinzimer

The waters of the nearby lakes and the surrounding forests were ever present for Amber Weinzimer growing up in Hot Springs.  To this day nature, and the energy that it brings, remains a constant inspiration for her paintings.  As an adult, Amber spent the majority of her life living overseas in South East Asia and the Middle East during which time she was awakened to the movement of energy through the practices of Yoga, Qi Gong and Reiki.  These energetic influences had a direct effect on her artwork.  She began to feel a very tangible connection of the energy that is around us as it relates to the energy that is inside of us
Her work translates the energy of life through the use of watercolors and oils on paper and canvas.  She interprets the natural living world; landscapes of lakes and rivers as well as the unseen energies of the sky and earth that surround us and live through us.  It is a push and pull - looking and finding the stillness and feeing the flow.  Capturing the energies, getting it down, painting the space that is there in between.