Jeaneen Barnhart


Give me the moment of desire, the right paper surface, good mark-making tools and I will pursue the truest happiness I know, Drawing.

When I have captured a pure emotion in my work, there is a quick celebration, a burst of excitement and an immediate return to the art. My intent is to reveal the energy and emulate the figure through loose interpretation of unhibited line and depth. I don't want to illustrate or create a portrait. I only want what is necessary.

In my earliest years, I focused on what I could see on the outside. Soon after college, it was the heart, the bones, the muscle and the mind that opened my artistic eye to deeper expression. Once I inderstood the human form, I challenged myself to take a step (back) to the next level.

Today, I am learning that knowing too much can be obstructive. It is the element of the 'unknown', which sets the foundation for an environment with less control. It is my goal to forget what is familiar and pursue form with a fresh and curious desire balanced with the power and control of a loose line.